An almond croissant that made me hope

Almond Croissant

You know how I would always complain that no city is perfect? For instance, Vancouver is awesome fir its infrastructure and weather (duh!); yet, being from Ottawa, I (personally) haven’t been able to connect with people here as much as back in the capital… Not to say that the quality of people here is lower – it’s just that the belief system of Ottawa’s people works better for me in particular. In fact, there is only one person I really connect with here, but even that person moved here from Ottawa.

Another thing in which Vancouver would always yield to Ottawa in my eyes is almond croissants. Back in Ottawa you could find those in every coffee shop – my personal favorites could be found at Second Cup at uOttawa’s library as well as the one at the corner of Dalhousie St. and Rideau St.; and at Moulin de Province in Byward Market. Those almond croissants were to die for!

Here in Vancouver almond croissants aren’t as popular. I kind of found a substitute (Whole Foods Market‘s almond cookies ), but this could only work for so long.

One day (Friday, January 26, 2018 to be specific), I found the almond croissant you can see in the picture above. First of all, this delicious almond croissant from Bao Bakery on Joyce St. (I wish they sponsored this, but no, this isn’t sponsored) looks exactly like the one from Second Cup. Second, it tastes very similar to my lovely Ottawa’s croissants. Not exactly the same (there’s significantly less filling), but hey, it gives me hope!

I want to believe that this almond croissant (that, of course, by now has long been eaten) symbolizes the people in Vancouver I am yet to discover. I refuse to believe that in a 2.6-million city (GVA population, data as of 2016), there is no person who would be like me (smart, bold, ambitious, positive yet sarcastic… very modest). It is not about geography; it is about taking the time to find them – just like that almond croissant. And once you find them, you stick to them. All jokes aside, I just ordered 5 more almond croissants from that bakery 😉 .


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