Truth in the stars?..

Journal. Shyzandra.Valeria


I don’t believe in astrology,

I am a Sagittarius, and we are skeptical.

Arthur C. Clarke


I bought this beautiful journal online and when received it, I saw that it has the Zodiac circle with all 12 star signs on its cover. I thought it was ironic as I tend to talk a lot about Zodiacs in real life. Since those talks provoke a lot of skepticism, I thought today I’d write about it.

Right off the bat I would like to clarify that this conversation is not about daily horoscopes you find in a newspaper. Those I do not believe should be taken seriously. What I am going to talk about has more to do with astrology and how it may be related to personality types.

I use the star signs as a guideline when getting to know new people.

I once read a book describing essential personality traits for all 12 signs – Crayon by Tamara Schmidt (the book is in Russian). I admittedly remember those quite vaguely, but every once in a while I may come back to that book  to look something up. Let me give you an example of how it works.

Let’s say I meet a new person. Let’s say I know I will be working with that person on a certain project. I want to know what to expect from them, but I have zero information on their personality. Once they tell me: Oh, I am a Scorpio, I reflect on my various experiences with Scorpios as well as on what I remember from Tamara Schmidt’s book. Being a person who likes hypothesizing an experimenting, I suggest a hypothesis in my mind like: They probably hurt people, when they feel afraid or insecure (the same way a scorpion stings to save itself). For some signs it can be a set of statements depending on my experience and knowledge about certain signs. Then I proceed to confirming or denying that hypothesis – and, trust me, sooner or later all my questions get answered through events and conversations.

To recap, it looks somewhat like this:

  1. I learn what Star sign they are
  2. I create a set of questionable statements regarding their personality
  3. I confirm/deny those statements as I get to know that person

At the end of the day it becomes less about a person’s Zodiac sign and much more about their personality. It’s just that for my cognitive needs I need a certain starting point – I selected the Zodiac system for that. You see, I wish every person knew their MBTI type – I do trust in those much more; however, unfortunately, they aren’t yet as widely spread as one would wish. Everybody knows their star sign, though (or, at least, their birth date). So, I am kind of stuck with those for now. Plus, at some point I noticed certain Zodiac-related trends happening in my life, such as:

  • Over the past couple of years I have been surrounded by Capricorns, Sagittariuses and Scorpios in various areas of my life
  • Before that, around 4 years ago, those surrounding me would be Libras, Leos and Arieses
  • Right now, at work all the management in my department consists of Scorpios and Capricorns, whereas most team members are Leos, Tauruses and Pisces
  • I get along perfectly with female Geminis, but certainly not with the male ones
  • all Capricorns I know are quite hard-working and like the sense of responsibility
  • all Tauruses I know value loyalty and family
  • all Pisces I know like sex
  • all Scorpios I know are quite possessive

I have to tell you this: the little system described above does help me to learn people’s personalities much faster now than before. I used to feel extremely overwhelmed by a necessity to get to know a new person (as an introvert). I actually believe this system has made me more perceptive and understanding of people.

I guess it is worth mentioning that Zodiac signs should not be used as a label, which is how most people, if they are into this, use them. Again, I do believe one’s Zodiac sign is a good starting point to get to know them, but it should never be a base for conclusions. And, for me, it works the other way around as well – from this or that Cancer, I learn and hypothesize about other Cancers later on in life.

I certainly hope that this post will attract more comments and conversations regarding the connection between star signs and personalities. If you read this and thought something, please share your thoughts – I would be very interested in getting to know your opinions and maybe even uses of Zodiac system!


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