Gratitude and resourcefulness

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.



Gratitude makes you feel resourceful.

So many people talk about focusing less on what we don’t have and focusing more on what we have – and yet, so many still complain and get annoyed every single day. I must say it does take some effort to resist that annoyance of real life and force myself to find time every day to focus on things I am grateful for. But it is totally worth it.

My way is to write down 3 things every day I am grateful for (as part of my New Year’s resolution). That’s it. I have no idea how it works, but it works! I somehow started feeling less hungry (yes, even physically) and, again, more resourceful.

Sometimes things get silly. I mean, seriously, yesterday my list looked like this:

  1. Thanks for +6 C outside on the 4th of January
  2. Thanks to the tabata instructor for calling me petite
  3. Thanks to the past version of myself who bought that wine currently sitting in my fridge (a side note: I am pretty sure the future version of myself will thank the current version of myself for not having finished the bottle last night).

And suddenly I just felt amazing (and the wine might have contributed to the feeling, I admit).

Let’s re-discover all things in our lives to be grateful for. Let’s let that gratitude warm our hearts. Somehow I feel if we do it more, the world will become a better place.




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Linguist, runner, INFP
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